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Around The World in 80 Days

This commission from Dream Team theatre was a real challenge:  to adapt Jules Verne's classic novel Around The World in 80 Days in a way that allowed a cast of 3 to seamlessly play up to 20 parts.  The show toured Cornwall and was a sell out show at the wonderful Minack Theatre, Porthcurno.



FIX:                                                                 Ahem - I think you have dropped your passport.


PASSEPARTOUT:                                         Ah, mais oui. Merci.


FIX:                                                                 It does not resemble you.


PASSEPARTOUT:                                         Ah, non, it is the passport of my master,
                                                                        Monsieur Fogg.


FIX:                                                                 And where is he?


PASSEPARTOUT:                                         'e is taking tea.  On the quay.


FIX:                                                                 I see.  All passports must be taken to the
                                                                        Consul.  To be verified.


PASSEPARTOUT:                                         That is where I am going.


FIX:                                                                 Myself also.  I will accompany you, Mr ...?


PASSPARTOUT:                                           Passepartout.


FIX:                                                                 Yes, you must bring your passport too.


PASSPARTOUT:                                           Non, Passepartout.


FIX:                                                                 Passport too?


PASSPARTOUT:                                           - tout.


FIX:                                                                 Two passports?


PASSPARTOUT:                                           Two?


FIX:                                                                 Two passport too.


PASSPARTOUT:                                           No, no, no.  One Passepartout.  I am an only


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