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Memory Box Day

The first working visit to Tremethick was a rich and rewarding experience.

The theme of household items related to cleaning had residents from the age of 65 to 102 recalling the washday labour, but it would be probably be more honest to say that the women in the room had the most stories, as soaps and starch and dusters were pulled from the Memory Box.

The smell of Brasso brought back memories to many, particularly those with military service among their many occupations. Carbolic soap brought laughs

and loads of comments - a bit like Marmite, some loved it, some (most) hated it! Tongs and washboards recalled the labour intensive nature of washday, which was usually on a Monday.

All in all, a lovely way of sharing not just memories, but other experiences to do with work - the theme of this project - and I have some lovely material to make a start on poems and performances pieces.

Looking forward to my next visit!

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