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Hammering Near Glass  is a tense, psychological thriller that questions the positive human values of empathy and unconditional love and lays bare the darkest side of the human soul.


Longlisted for the Bruntwood Prize 2012, Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

'When I was six, I thought the moon was a button. I thought it was a button that held the sky together. I thought the sky could be undone by the moon, and that if the sky was unbuttoned, all the stars would fall out and shower down to earth, like glitter'.


ASH: Go on.


ALEX: 'I stopped seeing the moon as a button when I was eight. I started seeing it as a face, grinning at me. Leaning over me when I was in bed. Leaning over my face and grinning like it was going to do something evil to me'.

Do you believe in evil, Ash?


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