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RAIN was showcased at the Grimeborn Festival Arcola Theatre, Londonon 16th and 17th August 2018

RAIN tells the story of a complacent and self-indulgent Press Officer, Marcus, who works for a West Country water company.  In Cornwall where he is based, water is never in short supply – the county is surrounded by sea, run through by rivers and on most days soaked through by rain.  When his cynical Head of Communications is told the company must do its bit to support the third world water effort or risk losing his job, pressure falls on Marcus to devise a foolproof public relations campaign. When he is confronted by the harsh realities for women in the Sudan who face long journeys, the threat of rape, physical assault and even death as part of their daily effort to get water for their families, Marcus comes to realize he must act when others look away as the answer stares them in the face.

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